Fruit Gift Basket Industry


Igiftfruithampers are defined as a particular themed gift wrapped up in a basket with other items that fit within the chosen theme. Gift basket themes can range from Mothers’ day, fathers’ day, Easter, Christmas, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, to get sympathy baskets.

The fruit basket, is probably the most popular gift basket with items ranging from chocolates, cheese, wines, coffee, cheeses and fruits. Gourmet fruit baskets are very popular and can include simple, exotic, fresh handpicked fruits topped with hand-tied ribbons.

Many providers of gourmet fruit baskets are actually companies started by families that have been growing fruit for generations. These companies hand pick from their orchards their largest and best quality fruit for their gourmet fruit baskets, and sell their remaining fruit to retail outlets.

We are using several methods to deliver their fruit baskets to their customers. One such method is called drop shipping, which involves gift basket providers and gift basket website owners. The website owners, though they don’t make fruit baskets, offer them to their customers and have them delivered. For every gift basket sold, the gift basket company enjoys significant discounts from the gift basket providers.

Keystone pricing is a common practice in the gift basket industry which involves gift basket website marking up their gift baskets to double their cost. Thus to ensure you get the best deal when purchasing your gourmet fruit baskets it is best to buy them directly from the providers. For more information visit the site


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